About My Bokbok

Who’s crazy about dogs? We are! We are a group of husky-lovers, dachshund-lovers, terrier-lovers, French-poodle-lovers, and lovers of every other dog breed in between. We like the small and yappy, the gentle giants, the fuzzy furballs – we like them in all shapes and sizes. We are simply obsessed with our furry friends, so obsessed in fact that we wanted to make a shrine dedicated to them right here.

After all, whether at the end of a long work-day or a short jog in the park, there are no other beings on this planet more excited to see us than our dogs. And it goes both ways! Their joy and positive energy are so infectious, that we just cannot wait to be with them either.

But our dog-ogling does not have to be limited to physically being with our beloved pets. Doggie-ogling should happen anytime you please, whether you are near or far from your four-legged pal, or whether you even have dogs at all. And that is what we’re here for! We have created a venue to enjoy the awesomeness of canines from anywhere at all, at any time the mood strikes. That way they can cheer you up and share their good vibes with you whenever you like.